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One of the finest actresses of the 1930's and the epitome of English glamour and grace, Madeleine Carroll graced the screen starring in Hitchcock's early suspense films, spy dramas, historical romances and other adventure stories. My page is a small tribute to this wonderful actress. I have moved my page to WordPress so you can find the most updated information at English Rose Madeleine Carroll on WordPress.

MY REVIEWS OF MADELEINES FILMS - I have not seen all of Madeleine's movies but I have seen a number of them. For a full listing of Madeleine's filmography click here. There are some which are unavailable including SAFARI and THE LOVES OF A DICTATOR. If you know where I can locate these two films please sign my guestbook and and let me know. Please see my new Madeleine Carroll Madeleine Carroll Tumblr Blog! and Madeleine Carroll Pinterest Page

Please visit my new Madeleine Carroll Word Press site

GENERAL DIED AT DAWN GALLERY | PHOTO GALLERY COURTESY OF FABRICE | MY 39 STEPS GALLERY I | 39 STEPS II | | MY MADELEINE CARROLL GALLERY ONE | TWO | THREE | FOUR | - I have posted some lovely Madeleine photos in my galleries. Please check out my new galleries of The 39 Steps which feature stills of Madeleine from the DVD of the movie. My other galleries feature Madeleine photos borrowed from Ebay auctions, I hope you enjoy them. I haven't found any other website relating to Madeleine Carroll so this is the only place out there that I know of where you can take a look at this beauty from a bygone era.

BUY MADELEINE MOVIES ON DVD AND VIDEO - See which of Madeleine's movies you can buy on video and DVD, this is a US based company so these products are Region 1/NTSC (sorry fans from the UK!)


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