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Madeline Carroll Movie Reviews

I Was A Spy

This film is quite interesting and an excellent role for Madeleine. She plays a nurse during WWI who ends up spying against the Germans. She has some wonderful scenes with the supremely handsome and sinister Conrad Veidt, who of course plays a German officer.

Secret Agent

Madeleine costars with the late, great John Gielgud in this Hitchcock spy thriller.

The General Died At Dawn

Gary Cooper is Madeleine's costar in this beautifully filmed adventure story in the Far East. Once again Madeleine is involved in more intrigue, and has many scenes on glamorous 1930's trains (as she does in Secret Agent).

The 39 Steps

A great Hitchcock flick with Robert Donat as the man being chased around the English countryside and Madeleine as his companion (she doesn't want to go along for the ride, she ends up handcuffed to Donat!).

The Prisoner of Zenda

A classic tale with sword fights, castle dungeons, ballrooms and of course a princess, Madeleine Carroll.


This movie has not been played on cable tv nor can I find it on video, but I would love to see it, Fairbanks and Carroll make a lovely screen team. A movie I am dying to get a hold of!!!